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Collection: Lamps


When you look for the right lamps for your space, it’ important to focus on both their form and function. The form of your lamp includes its shape, material and colors −− the basic design elements common to all home accessories. The function of your lamp, on the other hand, is often determined by its type. For example, ceiling lights are designed to provide a basic wash of light to illuminate the space, while floor lamps can add accent lighting if they point upward or task lighting if they are focused on a table or over your shoulder to shine as you read, same with table lamps. 

Each room typically needs three types of lighting: general illumination, task lighting and accent lighting. General illumination includes overhead lights that light up the whole space and typically are attached to light switches. While many homes stop here, great interior design adds accent lighting to highlight design elements and create the mood. Accent lighting can be anything from a spotlight on your favorite artwork to decorative table lamps that function as a work of art on their own. It’s also common to have accent lighting on shelves and in cabinets with glass doors to highlight your decorative accessories. Finally, consider what activities you do in a room. If you cook, read, knit or do anything that requires strong light, make sure to include reading lamps, desk lamps or other task lighting to shine a bright light on your workspace.


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