Queen Size Sleepers

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Here ye! Here ye! If you want to feel the comfort of royalty but are not in the market for spending your hard-earned wages on a new mattress and bed frame, then a sleeper sofa is the right piece of furniture for you. Couch Potatoes has a big selection of queen sleeper sofas for your friends, family, or even yourself that combines a stylish outside with a functional and accommodating inside.

Sleeper sofas are great for making your guests feel right at home. No longer will someone have to make the sacrifice to sleep on an air mattress or curl up with all the throw blankets. Queen-size sleepers are an even better option making sure your guests have enough room to spread out.

Saving on space is another reason why sleeper sofas are sought after. Queen-size sleeper sofas look stylish and sophisticated on the surface in your living room or family room, but the hidden mattress unfolds to ensure that your guests will always be comfortable.

Take a few moments to browse Couch Potatoes’ selection of queen-size sleeper sofas. You’ll find the styles of several of our sleeper sofas are mid-century modern. Their timeless, sleek, and simple appearance fits well with the interior of any home. Our customization options also carry over to our sleeper sofas, so you can choose the fabric or leather your couch will be upholstered in.

Choose a queen-size sleeper sofa that works for the space in your home, for your guests, and is in your budget. You don’t have to pay a queen’s fortune to own a queen-size sleeper sofa.