Reversible Chaise Sofas and Sectionals

Track Left Chaise Sectional - Peyton Pepper

Mesa Left Chaise Sectional - Merit Graystone

Reversible chaise sofas and sectionals are the ultimate pieces of furniture for those who suffer from chronic indecisiveness. Don’t even know if your current home is your forever home? No worries. Reversible chaise sofas can move with you through life and adapt to any room layout. They’re versatile pieces of furniture with enough seating to soothe the commitment issues that ignite with any furniture purchase.

What Is a Reversible Chaise Sofa?

A reversible chaise sofa still has armrests on either side of it, like a classic couch, but Couch Potatoes has added a removable chaise ottoman. This means if you have an urge to rearrange your living room, reversible chaise sofas make it easier on your inner interior designer. Simply slide that chaise ottoman over, and lounge in whatever direction you’re feeling for the day.

Spectacular Chaise Sofa Styles

At Couch Potatoes, we have several chaise sofa styles to look through. If you’re looking for something modern and sleek, the Wallace Untufted Reversible Chaise Sofa has that “vintage 1950’s” look with elegant arms and visible tapered legs. Or, if you’re in the market for a chaise sofa that screams, “cozy”, the Mesa Reversible Chaise Sofa has wide arms and deep-cushioned seats encouraging you to curl up with a blanket and a mug of your favorite drink.

No matter your choice, Couch Potatoes offers customization options to make sure you’re content with your selection. If your current couch just isn’t cutting it, a reversible chaise sofa allows you to play around with its placement and feel satisfied at the end of the day.