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Take Home Clearance Furniture Same Day @ Couch Potatoes South
Take Home Clearance Furniture Same Day @ Couch Potatoes South

We Exist For More Than Just Furniture

Love People, Bring Comfort, Fair Trade

Of course this means the comfort that furniture can bring; but, it is also bringing comfort to those that are rebuilding from a natural disaster. Comfort of a second chance to an employee who didn’t think they could get a job with a record. Or, comfort to a child who has never owned a mattress. We are in the business of people and this is our purpose.

We believe everyone should be treated with love and respect. We seek to live the life of the Good Samaritan whose love went beyond religion and ethnicity. Our owners are followers of God first and foremost, but we will never force our beliefs on anyone! We seek to love and serve all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

From our own organization to the vendors we partner with, we look to follow the principles of fair trade. To provide fair pay, safe working conditions, protect the environment, and create opportunity within their communities. We partner with organizations that empower individuals through their work to live sustainable lives.