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Google Maps is not the only use for maps in this technological world!  Many of us only think about decorating our walls with artwork. However, buying art can be a difficult decision and such an expensive investment for something we may not want later on! Why spend so much money when you can decorate beautifully by simply hanging maps instead? We can find new maps online, or old maps in flea markets (or online too!). Maps are great because they create a warm and homey feel in any room, while being easy to change out as your own style changes over time.

Maps are fascinating, but they can be difficult to read and remember for many people - especially kids! Theres a reason maps have been featured in everything from the Harry Potter series, Fortnite Maps, Fun Parkour Maps,  and even The Hunger Games to old-fashioned classroom Maps.

It may seem like an outdated reference point at first glance, but there is nothing more helpful than looking over your nation's borders (or those of some other country you're interested in) every day, or even your sons favorite gaming map. Did you take a adventurous trip last winter, maybe skiing, ski maps are an awesome way to decorate and show the world your adventurous side!

Imagine your large map hung perfectly over our Wallace Leather Estate Sofa!

It’s fun to see maps of your own city!

You’ll notice landmarks appear on it that you never noticed before and you can familiarize yourself with nearby towns or cities not too far away. So, you see, having a map of the world as decoration in your house is not only beautiful, it can serve many purposes.

Not so great with geography? A map on your wall or even shower curtain could help you remember where countries are located, which will eventually seep into your mind and become second nature without having to refer back to the big cheat sheet any longer.

I love traveling, but it's often hard to justify the cost of flying. However, when I look at my map and see all the places that are accessible from where I live by driving or taking a cheap flight (or even train!), then suddenly those destinations seem much closer than they did before!

It's always difficult to remember why we work so much when our time and money is long gone. But it doesn't have to be this way! One of those places on the map you look at everyday can soon turn into a place that makes use of your energy, time, inspiration, and motivation.

Use the map as inspiration to get out of bed every day, knowing you are working to save the money to get to that one spot on the map you have chosen. One day I'll take my passport to one of these destinations: New York in America; Greece in Europe, or Tokyo-to on Japans island Honshu just for starters.

Speaking of beds, your map would fit right in next to our Nathan King Bed!

These are all locations where working hard pays off big time because once youre there—you're going nowhere but up!

Maps can also serve as a wonderful way to constantly remember our favorite vacations. Perhaps a map of the world will bring back memories for you, of the time you had the best pizza of your life in Rome, or the night you strolled down the romantic streets of Paris with your sweetheart to get to the lit-up Eiffel Tower.

There are so many ways to display maps and so many map related products on the market now- lets take a look at some ideas on how to use maps to decorate your home!


What if your wall wasn't just a plain old surface? Wouldn't it be so much more interesting to give the room you spend most of your time in some character, and make everything else around seem like less work? If that's what you're looking for, then don't worry about designing an entirely new space. Just use map wallpaper!

As we have seen, maps come in all different styles and colors. There are brightly colored maps, vintage maps with muted colors, and even modern looking maps which may only be black and white. With colors chosen based on our accent color scheme or even going with something rustic-looking, this will turn any boring office into one filled with adventure as we daydream each morning before heading out for another tedious 9-5 grind at the job site.

 Depending on the color scheme of your maps, you can showcase bright accessories that otherwise may have gotten lost in a jumble of clutter with this simple and creative DIY project. Apply by using wallpaper paste like any other patterned paper would be applied to walls for decorating purposes!

Living room furniture that would go well with your map, that are made locally in our warehouse!


A large map is an excellent way to add interest and character in a room. They can be neutral colors or vibrant, displayed on the wall alone as artwork above your sofa with either an elegant frame or flanked by smaller pieces for additional contrast. No matter where you put these oversized maps, they'll elevate any space from ordinary to extraordinary!

 For statement pieces, you can't go wrong with oversized maps in bright hues. Black glass frames help bring the piece to life and make it pop; or if you want a bit of variety hang two next to each other for an above-the-sofa masterpiece.


The map backsplash can set the tone for your kitchen. Whether it's a dramatic, creative focal point or an unexpected and signature style that won't be seen anywhere else in your home, this is one of those DIY projects you'll soon wonder how you ever lived without! Use wallpaper paste to stick the wallpaper on the wall, and then cover it with polyurethane. Not only will the maps serve as a focal point, but they will also protect the wall from cooking splatters and anything else that may create dirt. This is one of those DIY projects you'll soon wonder how you ever lived without!



You can use a personalized map to help you figure out what places are near your home and plan trips in the future! For example, I live in Texas, so a map of my state hanging on my kitchen wall would show me that there is plenty for me see nearby - with only a few hours drive away! This is wonderful way to look forward to a fun escape while drinking your morning coffee.

 For travel motivation and/ or memories, hang a map of your favorite country in the world. When you're feeling down and want some motivation, or when reminiscing about past adventures in that particular country, look at that map and remind yourself of what great memories are left there for you! Wouldnt it be lovely to eat breakfast while being reminded of your favorite beach in Mexico? Or that crazy camping trip you took with your friends as a college kid to Joshua Tree in California, the memories of which you will always laugh at loud at? Looking at this geography-inspired imagery can really motivate you to get through each day.

 If youd like to take this idea farther, hang a collection of smaller framed maps of locations you have visited or lived. What better way to personalize a living space?


If you're a world traveler, then this is the perfect project for your home. You can tack up an interactive map, placing a pin on all of the places in the world that you've been lucky enough to visit so far in life. This is a great and fun exercise because it means we'll forever have something cool on our wall no matter how many times people come over. No one will ever get tired of looking at it! Plus, I love talking about where I have been every time someone comes into my house, so this is a great conversation piece. This will also surely motivate you to save some hard-earned money so you can place a new pin somewhere on that map upon return.

 We can also show off our home state by using a personalized map that has pins for points of interest both near and far away while again, providing an engaging conversation piece for guests who visit over coffee breakfasts during their stay.


A corkboard map is an excellent way to display your travels, while also adding some function as a wall art. But there is something else so fun you can display on your map besides for placing those pins! Create a true board of memories by choosing one photo from each place you have visited, and tack it onto its respective area on the map. You will then have a wall of memories and more to talk about with guests!



A headboard that is usually boring can become an object of eye-catching awe with just a little creativity. Transform a typical wood-framed headboard from boring to eye catching by getting creative with your home decor. Instead of purchasing a new headboard or just having it painted to match your room's color scheme, turn an ordinary headboard into something more exotic by crafting unique maps onto it! Purchase some dated and colorful maps that represent where you have been in your life so far. Cut the map into smaller miniature pieces and decoupage them onto the headboard for curves or to fill in small detail spots. This will create a furniture piece for memories worth preserving forever.


Turn that boring piece of furniture youve had forever into an engaging, interest piece by placing maps onto dresser or kitchen drawers. To create the inexpensive update, trace shapes of drawers onto a map and cut out the pieces. Apply matte decoupage on both sides before adhering it in place; let dry overnight before applying another coat with glossy finish as desired. Outfit drawer pulls in colorful knobs reminiscent of olden times!



Globes may seem like kitschy decorations, but they can add an unexpected dimension when mixed with other pieces. A set of globes in different shades adds a sense of old world charm to this vignette while also adding the element of surprise! With a set of collected globes all with an old-world finish, this vignette is reminiscent to Victorian times when these types of objects would be used in homes for decoration or just sitting on the mantelpiece.

Your new Globe would look gorgeous on our Kisper End Table

 You do however, want to make sure your collection of globes does not look like clutter. The best way to do this? Choose a color palette for all of the globes. A limited color palette will make your arrangement cohesive and not overbearing on the eyes. Globes in varying heights and widths will create a captivating display, bringing depth to the collection.

 A lit-up globe is another option that is wonderful and fun to use as a nightlight.


A map staring at you while you shower every day is a great way to not only study your geography, but also to visualize your travels as you plan out where and when to get back on the road. Imagine if, instead of driving on Interstate 10 from Los Angeles all the way up through northern California, Oregon, Washington State until eventually ending in Maine - we could drive right down I-10 across Texas into Louisiana! This would give us access to not only new places like Houston or New Orleans but also more time at our destination with less miles driven overall. You never know what ideas constantly staring at maps might bring you!








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