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3 Reasons to Shop at Couch Potatoes: A Family-Owned Furniture Store in Austin

There are many furniture stores in Austin, but Couch Potatoes is different. We are a family-owned and operated business that has been serving the local community for years. We focus on affordability and customer service, making us the perfect choice for furniture shopping.

What really sets us apart, though? Besides our vast selection of customization options, and laid-back approach compared to other furniture stores, we believe in giving back to the community. Find out just how we do that.

Here are 3 reasons why you should shop at Couch Potatoes:

1.)  Everyone Loves a Local Business

Whether you’re an Austin local or not, chances are you support the hard work and dedication it takes to grow a business.

  • Everything is made right in our warehouse in Austin, TX.

  • No long wait times for overseas furniture to be shipped, we work hard to make sure you receive your furniture as soon as possible to start living it up in your home.
  • We work with the Texas Transitional Center to employ workers who were once incarcerated, give them opportunities to gain new skills, and let them have another chance at life.

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2.)  Helping the Environment is Necessary

Couch Potatoes is conscious of our impact on the environment, and we attempt to be eco-friendly in our processes.

  • We’ve partnered with a company called Sprout. For every $500 spent on our furniture, we will plant 5 mangrove trees in Madagascar. We have a blog here if you'd like to read more on why we have decided to plant these trees, and create a better future for our planet.

johnny appleseed

Landon Daily is an Austin native, who just so happens to be the grandfather of Couch Potatoes' co-owners, Brian and Travis Morgan. Daily was an avid activist for conservation efforts regarding the deforestation of Austin. He would spend his days riding his bicycle around town, planting trees, and helping others. He is just one of the several reasons why we are focused on aiding the environment wherever we can.

  • We like to reduce, reuse, and recycle, any opportunity we get. Our bean bags are made from leftover fabric scraps and extra foam we use in our couches.
Eco-friendly, Bean Bag

It also helps that there are physical benefits as well, to owning a bean bag. They are, in many ways, the perfect seat.

  • The leather that we use for our furniture is made from leftover hides from meat processing plants, so they don’t go into landfills. Modern leather manufacturing recycles over 170 million cow hides each year.

In a guide on leather processing, Leather Naturally writes, "Hides are a no-waste by-product of the food industry. The leather industry uses the hides and skins produced by the meat industry and only exists because of the meat industry."

dark leather sofa in austin
This is our Wallace Leather Sofa in Hudson Iron leather.

3.)  We Like to Give Back

Couch Potatoes gets involved in our community where the need is.

  • ADRN: We became involved with Austin Disaster Relief Network after a flood wreaked havoc in our community. Most homes needed to be refurnished, so we made sure to get those families some furniture. By partnering with ADRN, whenever they encounter a family who needs furniture, Couch Potatoes is always willing to help out.

  • Season of Caring: This is a program that features families in our community that needs some help. Couch Potatoes has partnered with the program to donate furniture for families to rebuild their lives.
Helping people in the community

Arelis López Guzman, admires her new table from Couch Potatoes. Image by Nell Carroll/American Statesman

  • Making Masks: The pandemic was rough. Couch Potatoes took a rough situation and realized the same materials we used in our sofas, are used in N95 masks. We became some of the first suppliers of masks, to hospitals and anyone who didn't have access to masks during the height of COVID-19.

 Covid-19 homemade masks

These are some of our homemade masks, that are just as effective as an N95 mask. Who knew the inside of a couch could have so many benefits?

Convinced Yet?

We are a furniture store that believes in giving back to the community and providing our customers with the best furniture possible. We know that furniture is more than just pieces of wood put together, it's an investment into your home and your life. Not just any furniture store can say that. Well, they can, but do they mean it? We do. So, come visit us today!

Couch Potatoes has locations in Central and South Austin, Texas.


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