5 Essential Pieces of First Apartment Furniture

5 Essential Pieces of First Apartment Furniture

Getting your first apartment is a big deal! It's exciting to finally have your own space, but it can also be overwhelming. There are so many choices when it comes to furniture that you may not know where to start. That's why we created this blog post- we want to make the process of furnishing your apartment as easy as possible for you by giving you 5 essential pieces of first apartment furniture.

A Nice Couch

When furnishing your first apartment, a nice couch should be your top priority. Not only is it the centerpiece of your living room, but it's also one of the most versatile pieces of furniture in your home. You'll want to make sure you choose a couch that's both comfortable and stylish. The common sectional is a popular choice for space and they usually complement an apartment space nicely. If you don't have enough space start with a three-seat sofa, and then add a loveseat later down the line if you need one.

trendy sectional

Track Left Chaise Sectional in Bella Peacock


Blush pink sofa

Rainey Sofa in Elliot Blush

A Good Bed

Your bed is another essential piece of furniture for your first apartment. It's where you'll sleep every night, so you'll want to make sure you choose one that's comfortable and fits your needs. If you have a partner, you'll also want to take into account the size of the bed. This is a piece you may want to invest the most money into like a piece of furniture. Waking up, sore from your cheap mattress or creaky bed frame is never a great start to the day.

Wallace Queen Upholstered Bed 


A Dresser

Your apartment will never feel complete without a dresser. It's the only piece of furniture that really helps you keep your apartment organized and tidy. You'll want to choose one that fits in well with the style of your apartment, but it should also be functional for what you need out of storage space right now. If you're just starting off or transitioning into living on your own this is something best to invest money in because it's an item that may take up permanent residence in your home. Get one with a mirror attached as well, and you've got two essential pieces for the price of one.

Nathan Dresser - Austin's Couch Potatoes Furniture

Nathan Dresser

A TV Stand

Every apartment needs a good TV stand. This is where you'll put your television and all of your other electronics. You'll want to make sure the stand has enough storage for all of your devices, as well as a place to hide all of the cords. It's also important that the stand is the right height for your television- you don't want it too low or too high. You can also mount your television, a tv stand is just a great piece to frame your tv below and display items you want to show off to guests like a record player or some family photos.

Wave 3 Door Accent Cabinet - Austin's Couch Potatoes Furniture

Wave 3 Door Accent Cabinet


Dining Sets

Dining sets aren't necessary at first, if you're trying to save money. Meals can be eaten while sitting on your couch, or tucked into bed. But, eventually, you'll want to have some more dignity in your space and that's where getting a nice dining set will help. We aren't talking about a long dining table, banquet style. A cute, little round dining table, or a bench that fits in a corner with a small table will work well in an apartment.

Denmark 5 piece Round Dining Set - Austin's Couch Potatoes Furniture

Denmark 5 Piece Round Dining Set


These are just five essential pieces of furniture for your first apartment- but there are so many other things you may want to consider depending on your needs. Austin Couch Potatoes has a concise selection of furniture pieces that are locally made, customizable, trendy, and perfect for any apartment.

Austin's Couch Potatoes has locations in Central and South Texas. We also have a gallery in the Furniture Mall of Texas. Congratulations on your first apartment, we'd love to help you out with picking out some furniture for your new space!

Written by Emily Holleran




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