Bigger is Better: Corissa Enneking Teams Up with Couch Potatoes to Find the Perfect Plus-Size Couch

Bigger is Better: Corissa Enneking Teams Up with Couch Potatoes to Find the Perfect Plus-Size Couch

Shopping for furniture can be a real struggle, especially if you’re plus-size. That's why we're so excited to have teamed up with Corissa Enneking, the force behind the blog FatGirlFlow, to help her get a new couch.

FatGirlFlow is a blog born out of Enneking's desire to share anything from plus-size fashion to simply loving her body. She challenges toxic views and the stigmas behind being fat in a fatphobic society. Many others have found comfort in her blog and discovered a community of plus-size people who encounter problems in a society that is not structured to make space for them. 

In this blog post, we'll hear from Enneking about why she chose Couch Potatoes and what her experience was like in deciding on which couch to take home to their partner J, and their many furry friends.

Why Choose Couch Potatoes As Your Furniture Store?

"In the beginning of February, I started reaching out to companies that I felt aligned with what I advocate for. My partner, J, got this great chair that they use every day, so I started looking into where they bought it. I remembered that they told me that it was a place in Austin, so I started sleuthing on the internet—like looking at all these websites trying to find this chair. I happened upon Couch Potatoes, and I was like, ‘Okay, Couch Potatoes, first of all, is the cutest name. What better name to align with plus-size people?'"

What Is Most Important to You When Looking for a Plus-Size Couch?

"The basis of a couch for plus-size people is, whether or not it is a good product. That’s a big commitment and I feel like that scares a lot of brands. This plus-size market is ready to throw its money at people, they’re desperate to be seen and catered to.

Usually doing testing to figure out what the weight limit is, isn’t a viable thing. I actually don’t think that a specific weight limit is necessary. I think there are ways to talk about durability and longevity without bringing up weight."

The Chosen Couch

There are several options at Couch Potatoes that would work for plus-sized people. Corissa and their partner, J, decided on the Mesa leather corner sectional in Tribeca cream. 

the best plus-size couches in austin

This sectional is a mid-century modern lover's dream, but it also hits all the points of what makes a sectional suitable for plus-size comfort.

  • The Mesa sectional has solid block feet, not the usual tapered leg look several mid-century modern sofas boast.
  • On our sofa comfort scale of 1-5 (5 being the firmest), we rate it a 3. This means that this sectional is relatively easy to get up and off of, which is important for those with physical restrictions. 
  • The seat depth is at 24", making it a deep enough seat for plus-size people to feel appropriately accommodated. The Mesa has one of our deepest seats.


Couch Potatoes Create Space

We want to thank Corissa Enneking for taking the time to share her story with us. We hope that this post encourages more plus-sized people to invest in quality pieces of furniture that fit both their body and their style preferences—and show them just how easy it can be when they shop with Couch Potatoes!

"If you’re a plus-size person, you’re oftentimes feeling like you’re taking up so much space. The world just isn’t made for you most of the time."

Enneking hopes that her collaboration with Couch Potatoes will inspire more companies to offer products specifically designed for plus-size people so they don’t have to suffer through uncomfortable furniture any longer.

If you don't already, follow Corissa Enneking on Instagram, and check out their blog,

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