Celebrity Favorite Cloud Couch Sectional vs. Fluffy Sectional: A Cost Effective Alternative

Celebrity Favorite Cloud Couch Sectional vs. Fluffy Sectional: A Cost Effective Alternative

If you're in the market for a new sectional, you've probably heard of the Cloud sectional. This popular sofa has been featured in magazines and online, and it's no wonder why - it's stylish and comfortable. But what if your budget doesn't allow for such a luxurious purchase? Don't worry - there is an alternative! The Fluffy Sofa by Couch Potatoes is a great option that is more affordable than the Cloud Sofa. Let's take a look at these two sofas.

Restoration Hardware's Cloud Sofa

If you're asking yourself this question, you're not alone. The Cloud sofa is a relatively new design that has been gaining in popularity, thanks to the celebrities who have been spotted buying it. According to an article written by Arielle Kirven about the Cloud Sofa (also called the Cloud Couch), the couch was launched by the brand RH in 2015.

Restoration Hardware's Cloud Modular Sofa

The Cloud Modular U-Sofa Sectional by RH

The Cloud collection has a couple of different pieces of furniture including the Cloud Armless Sofa and the original Cloud Sofa. The Cloud sectional also comes in several different forms, with each component having an individual price.

Want to know how much each component is?  $3,295. If you're a member, it's $2,471. That means if you want the sectional that is pictured above, it's going to cost you over $15,000 (assuming that the sectional is compromised of 5 pieces).

If you are obsessed with the way the Cloud Sofa looks, but don't have $15,000 to throw around, there are plenty of dupes on the market. Dupes are cheaper alternatives to the pricier couches on the market. Some aren't even made that different for thousands of dollars less. Today, we are going to focus on Couch Potatoes Fluffy Cloud 5-Piece Sectional.

The Fluffy Cloud Sectional

The Fluffy Cloud 5-Piece Sectional is a modular sectional, meaning that you can configure it in different ways to fit your space. You can create the perfect configuration for your living room, den, gaming room, wherever you want to put it.

How much is this cheaper alternative compared to the Cloud U-Sofa Sectional? Right now our current price for a 5-Piece Fluffy Cloud Sectional is $3995. The armless chairs are $699, and the corner wedges are $899!

So, the price of a whole sectional is equal to the cost of just one of the Cloud U-Sofa Sectional's components. One of the only major differences are the materials that make up the inside of the cushions. The cushions of the Cloud are made from feathers wrapped around a soft foam core. The Fluffy collection features cushions consisting of a channeled insert filled with polyester to give the same feeling of down. I don't believe the addition of down is equal to $9,000, but what do I know?

Why is the Cloud Sofa style so popular?

The Cloud sectional is popular for a few reasons - it's stylish, comfortable, and looks luxurious. The sofa has a neutral design that will complement any décor, and the cloud-like cushions quite literally make it feel like you are enveloped in a cloud minus the intense saturation. It takes a contemporary form and makes it comfortable (which is not easy).

The Fluffy sectional is a great alternative to the Cloud sofa because it's more affordable, yet still stylish and comfortable. The cloud-like cushions on the Fluffy sectional are just as comfortable as those on the Cloud sectional, and you can choose from a variety of colors and fabrics to find the perfect one for your home.


Fluffy 5 Piece Modular Sectional by Couch Potatoes in the color Bella Peacock.

Come sink into our Fluffy collection at Couch Potatoes, a furniture store in Austin, TX. We have locations in Central and South Austin. 


Written by Emily Holleran

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