Decorate Your Home with Austin Grown

Decorate Your Home with Austin Grown

Change is inevitable in any growing city, and that is especially true in Austin. Apartment buildings pop up almost overnight, many long-standing businesses have shut down, and the traffic is only made worse by combining the driving styles of East Coast versus West Coast. One thing that has remained unchanged is the proud, native Austinites' commitment to supporting local businesses.

Austin’s Couch Potatoes is a furniture store near you, that is focused on always seeing the potential in furniture. Now, in The Furniture Mall of Texas, there is a section dedicated to Austin's Couch Potatoes's furniture called Austin Grown. We have grown, and endured all the changes, to produce sectionals, couches, chairs, beds, and ottomans that are reliable, functional, and fashionable.

It's important to know the materials your furniture is made from, and what sets it apart from other brands. Our couches and chairs are all made from furniture-grade plywood that’s made from birch--not pine. All their joints are socketed and fit together like a puzzle piece, which adds rigidity to the frame. So, even if the whole family piles onto the couch, you won't hear that dreaded splintering sound.

The "skeleton" of one of Austin Grown's chairs

In addition, all the springs are attached to solid hardwood. The frames, fabric, and foam are all cut and assembled in our local warehouse. We try to outsource as many products as possible in the United States, but we also work directly with a factory in India that makes our textiles and fabrics.

One of our most popular pieces The Ladybird is just the sort of retro-chic look many Austin residents are going for today. It is made with a thick, durable fabric. There is also the Lamar Estate Sofa if you’re looking for a more modern bohemian style of furniture. Its sleek track arms, low profile, and midcentury cushion set it apart from other couches in the collection.

The Ladybird in Royale Blush

The customization options are also appealing to try out. As far as fabrics go, we don’t have as many fabrics as some as the other manufactures, but all the fabrics we use are high-end fabrics. So, it’s one price for all the fabrics. One such fabric is called Revolution Fabric, made from recycled polypropylene. The dye is infused within the yarn so the color will last and never pill. It’s resistant to sun-bathing, and you can easily get out any stubborn stains with a mixture of 3 parts bleach and 1 part water (but most stains will come out with hand soap and elbow grease). Most of our fabrics in this brand are very easy to clean, which is essential for Austin households' high concentrations of pets and children. Austin Grown also does leather and that’s for all its furniture—from couches to ottomans. 

Austin Grown's fabric display

Austin Grown is perfect for a new apartment or replacing a couch that has been passed down the familial line for generations. It is a brand that reflects the adaptability of Austin and is made with Austin residents in mind.

So, if you are looking for a local furniture store near you, come check out Austin Grown at Austin’s Couch Potatoes and The Furniture Mall of Texas


Written by Emily Holleran

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