Furniture Color Trends: Starting New in 2022

Furniture Color Trends: Starting New in 2022

There seems to be a trend for everything today, and furniture is no exception. As 2021 comes to a close, we are already prepared to see what 2022 brings in terms of trending colors. Austin's Couch Potatoes has so many customization options for our sofas, you don't have to trade comfort and affordability for trendiness. Here are some of the colors we're predicting will be big in 2022:

Red Is Not Dead

This color is making a big resurgence in 2022. It's perfect for people who want to add some excitement to their lives, without going too crazy. Red furniture can give any room an instant pop of color and vibrancy.


The Ladybird Reversible Chaise Sofa in Bennett Red.


This is the same sofa as above, but this leather is Tribeca Scarlett. A subtle, but brighter red.

Rust Orange Is Now Considered Cool

Rust orange is not everybody's favorite color, but it has had a resurgence these past years due to its warmth and uniqueness. The way it stands out in your home, with its rich tone, will complement any color scheme you have going.

The Ladybird Full Sleeper Sofa in a rich orange.

Make Room for Mushroom

What are mushroom colors? They are neither beige, brown or gray, but more of a balance of the three. It has a soft and creamy appearance that exudes comfort and simplicity. They can either make your home warm with touches or burgundy and maroon, or cold with smooth whites and speckled grays.

Cute cheap loveseat

Wallace Untufted Loveseat in Bennett Praline/

Green Is Going Strong

This color is always trending in the furniture industry, and 2022 will be no different. Greens can range from light mint to a more popular sage green, so there's something for everyone when they go shopping for new home décor. If you're feeling sassy this year, try pairing your green sofa with orange pillows or red decorative items!

big sectional for apartment

Fluffy Cloud 5 piece Sectional in Bennett Pine.

Trendy Teal and Rich Blues

These colors are perfect for a more mature and sophisticated home. They can be calming and provide a sense of luxury, all while being on trend. The rich boldness of teals and watery blues enrich spaces with more subdued tones. So, if you want a subtle pop of color, consider adding a teal couch, or a set of teal lamps.

Couches in Austin

The Rainey Sofa in Bella Peacock.


Color Trends That Are Dying Out in 2022

While we are very excited about the colors that will be popular in 2022, there are also some color trends that we believe will start to die out. Don't take it personally if you read this list and look back in your rooms to see them filled with these colors. Trends are merely a reflection of the times, a way to track where people's heads are at. With the rise of some colors, others must take a back seat. Here are some colors that we don't see as making a big impact in 2022:

No More Gray

Gray has been popular for a long time now, but we think it will start to die out in 2022. It doesn't really have any personality of its own and can often appear bland or boring. If you're still loving gray, don't worry – it'll be around for a little while longer. It's going to be replaced with earth tones, or as mentioned above, mushroom tones.

Glistening Golds

Golds add a nice pop of glimmer to a room, but we don't think it will be making a big splash in 2022. It's not that there isn't room for gold, either – we just feel like people are looking to color schemes with more depth and layering than before. If you still want some glistening golden color, try adding metallic accents instead of completely filling your room up with this color.

White Is Too Boring and Bland

This color is still white, but we feel like it will become boring. With so many other colors popping up in furniture stores, why stick with something that's already bland? White has lost its luster for us – instead of using it to brighten a room up, try adding color schemes with color and texture for a more interesting look.


What color trends are you most excited about for 2022? A new year means new opportunities to freshen up your home's look. Or, if you just moved to Austin, stop by to grab a couch in a color you want. Austin's Couch Potatoes offers several colors and fabrics to choose from, so 2022 is in your hands. Start the year off right!

Austin's Couch Potatoes has locations in Central and South Texas. We also have a gallery in the Furniture Mall of Texas. We hope to see you there in 2022!


Written by Emily Holleran


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