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What's Your Furniture Style | Mid Century Modern, Rustic Farmhouse, Traditional, Coastal and Industrial

The Covid Furniture Style Breakdown: 

Who am I

It’s Covid and yes, now is absolutely the time to have your furniture style crisis and discover who you really are. Are you Mid Century Modern? Rustic/Farmhouse? Traditional, Coastal or Industrial? Here are the basics, if you know the word shiplap and associate it with Waco, then you're definitely rustic farmhouse. If you dress like the cast of Mad Men and think bright plastic and the 60’s are cool, you’re MCM. Okay, well, there may be a little more to it that this, but you get the gist. Maybe you’re into heavy metal and concrete (Industrial) or you’ve been knitting macramaying beige and Dover white hanging plant holders for your white light bright coastal casa. Cool. Perhaps you’re stylo is a sleek mirror ball polished, glass and modern chic. Or maybe, just maybe, you my friend are a classic. All wood and timeless, like, well . . .  a classic. 

There is a bit more to it than that and we’d like to help you identify what your preferred furniture pronoun is. So let’s dig in. 

Mid-Century Modern Furniture 

Some of the coolest furnishings in production today are mid-century modern. You just can’t beat the wholesome solid look and feel of those signature pointed wooden legs on sofas and the groovy wings evoking the spirit and flavor of the 50’s and 60’s. If you suspect you've got a dark walnut side, this is definitely the first place you should look. Explore your preferences as you discover the foundation of style that mid century modern design offers. Each piece brings a strong sense of urbanity to every room. 

Rustic Farmhouse Furniture

A mixture of old and new where reclaimed wood (aka shiplap), live edge slabs and organic shapes are being paired with modern linear glass and polished brass or stainless steel fabrications and neutral tones, better known as ‘rustic farmhouse’ style. If you suspect the definition of your home life is soft, elegant modern, this may be you. Fancy unfinished woods, natural fibers and distressed finishes then you’ve got all the elements of a rustic farm fan. Yeehaw! 

Traditional Furniture - Calm, orderly and predictable. Traditional styling offers just what the world needs now. Safe and reliable comfort furnishings. If you like order and believe everything has its place, are tidy and lean towards the realm of routine and logic, this may be your jam. There is nothing wild about the tried and true values and comfort of the traditional aesthetic. But make no mistake, traditional is where some of the jewels live. Word. 

Coastal Furniture - Ahhh coastal, coastal, coastal, coastal. It seems the pre-covid world all went coastal in an all out effort to self soothe with these light bright and airy relaxing color schemes. If dreaming of your next beach holiday appeals to your nautical sense, then this is for you. Think beachy with natural light, soft tones and clean simple aesthetic meant to evoke easy breezy laid back beach feels. Sail away to a zen ocean fantasy in this honey of a room. Ummmm, yes please! 

Industrial Furniture - A trend favored in lofts, makes unexpected bold choices mimicking old factories and industrial spaces. Industrial means you have an eye for the unexpected, and may see things and experience them in a bold and creative manner. Yes, we mean stripped back raw elements like raw lumber, brick and metal, as well as salvaged and recycled materials. Chances are if you embrace edginess, then look no further. Like a clique in high school, you are the John Bender(Judd Nelson) of the Breakfast Club. Hip, and cool with a penchant for the color black. Love. 

Modern Furniture - Contrary to its name, modern design refers to an era past and effortlessly embraces elements of the 20’s, 70’s, 80’s to gulp - 2020. A broad term that means clean crisp lines, with a simple color palette and materials such as mirror, metals and velvet. There is an edge to this look and chances are your look is slightly edgy too. Think, Blade Runner meets carpet runner. The beauty of what makes modern work, is being able to mix and match your favorite pieces from every aforementioned style in a personal and effortless manner. Got a feel for the fresh and eclectic? Then modern is your groove. Groovy.  

Classic - Traditional furniture styles that mimics the 17th and 18th century French and English Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical lines. Tend to favor classic customs, rituals and rugs? This look creates a warm and inviting space using ornate detail, such as heavy tied back draped curtains and heavy rich wood with a vibrant deep color palette that features luxurious fabrics and rich buttery leather. A classic, a gem, a keeper. Not a vegan friendly option, but there is plenty on the menu. Bon appetit! 

Now get on down to the Austin Couch Potatoes near you and treat yourself to the dream bed you can love as you walk from the couch to the bed and back again each day.

As we spend virtually every minute in our homes, it is important that we reimagine our spaces, how we enhance them and how we use them. Now more than ever, they need to be our favorite safe space and refuge from the world. A cozy space to take comfort in, a magical honey of a space that sparks your imagination and showers you with compliments from your zoom compadres. A safe space that hugs you in and reminds you there's no place like home. 

Lots of love, from our house to yours. 

Mi casa, su casa. 


Your ACP Familia

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