Get Your Furry Friends Some Furniture

Get Your Furry Friends Some Furniture

We love our pets. Even when they knock over our plants, or pee on our carpet, or tear up our sofas so it looks like some avant-garde art project. 

At Austin’s Couch Potatoes, we all understand the delicate balance of loving an animal but remembering that they still are just that—animals. No worries if your four-legged friend is lacking on the “good boy” scale, pets are always welcome in our stores, and for those in the market, we have a selection of pet-friendly fabrics (perfect for your fur-filled homes).


ACP is partnering with Emancipet, a non-profit organization focused on affordable veterinary care. On October 24th, we will be participating in the Pulling for Pets event.

No, this does not mean you have to yank on your pet’s leash to cross a finish line. It is a competition between teams to pull Emancipet’s 26,000 pound mobile clinic over 20 feet in the fastest time. Not only is there a prize for the team with the fastest time, but there will be other awards given out for best costumes, top individual and team fundraisers, and some surprise categories.

The best part of the Pulling for Pets event is that every $16 raised sponsors a pet in Emancipet’s mission to make veterinary care affordable and accessible for everyone. Our best friends deserve a chance if they’re sick or injured. If you do as well, consider signing up, it’ll be a fun-filled day.

So, come on down to our stores, grab a beverage from our drink fridge, and check out some pet-friendly furniture. We can assure you, your animals will be receiving a lot of attention, so make sure they’re prepared for many pats.

Written by Emily Holleran


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