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The Best Furniture Store in Austin: A Love Letter

Dear Austinites

Just because most current travel is between the sofa and the fridge, doesn't mean it can't be exciting. 

Austin's Couch Potatoes is the furniture store near you that will inspire you to live your best life and make the most of being stuck inside. The world is a different place now, so your home furniture should be too. Now is the time to do-over the living room, design the bedroom , create the kids space or treat yourself to that home office you’ve been waiting floor (haha).  With Austin Couches, you don’t need to be an interior designer to love where you live. 

In a time when we may not get to be as close to our family, friends (and people we withstand), it’s good to know we can decorate the heck out of our homes (indoor and outdoor) at the friendliest store in town. It’s no secret that Austin is growing. So whether you’re a tech employee, recently relocated from California, or just a vintage local who is grateful to be allowed back inside an actual store, we’ve got the coolest quality home furnishings that will fit your budget and make you happy.

We are graciously not most furniture stores near you . . . here’s why:

#1. You come first. We’ve got the most genuine, sincere staff and customer friendly policies around. Don’t like it after your dog peed on the corner of your new couch? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Still don’t believe us? Read our amazing service reviews, from locals just like you. 

#2. We are a family of true Austinites who considers you locals, our family. If you appreciate a good local family run furniture store near you that provides good service, a fun comfy atmosphere and goes the extra mile to deliver a near perfect experience, then look no further; The Austin Couch Potatoes (ACP) family are your people. We don’t just sling furniture, we co-create dope designer dreams. 

#3. Affordable high-quality furniture at family friendly prices. Our $$ price range with high quality can't be beat. It’s that simple. No gimmicks. We don’t need them. Our furniture rules, our prices are fair and our satisfied customers can ‘couch’ for us. We have a low price guarantee and we price match on identical items from manufacturers. So whether you Have poor or no credit?  We have several NO CREDIT NEEDED purchase Options. We have several NO CREDIT NEEDED Purchase options. If you do not get approved when applying, do not worry. Just move on to the next application.

#Affordable #Low price guarantee #Apply now  

  • Special financing opportunities
  • Use your account for repeat purchases
  • Quick and safe online application
  • Online account access

#4. We give back. Now more than ever (pre-during-and post-Covid), good people everywhere need a little extra help. Whether that means donating to help out a local single mom who lost her job, or providing flexible financing to hook you up. We care more about hearing your story and getting to know who you are and creating loyal locals that we look forward to seeing, time and time again. ACP is not all, me, me, me, we are way more weeeeeeee! Let’s go shopping and have some fun! 

#5. Selection! We’ve got what you need. You want that super funky orange velvet L shaped couch to make your living room pop and you need it now? That’s the beauty of our warehouses being near you, ready to deliver on a dime when you custom order your dream couch. We’ve got you.  Because online shopping from your bed in your PJ’s is the new norm, why not make sure it's a pillow top mattress?

#6. But wait, there’s more! We’re more than couches: we’ve been having a tough time deciding how to stay humble while informing people that we have it all? It’s hard - believe us. We just love what we do so much, we thought, why stop at sectional sofas and sleeper beds? We give our customers what they want, how they want it, when they want it. Did we mention, our potato perks? Free delivery, assembly assistance and much, much more. Our fair trade products are eco-friendly, sustainable, BBQ-licious, yee-haw, shoot 'em up, kiss-kiss-bang-bang-me-love-you-long-time-good. We even wrote a song about it, called, “The best furniture store near me is ACP” but you’ll have to come visit us to check it out or ask one of our associates to perform a short interpretive dance for you. 

#7. Come visit us! We practice safe and sane shopping.

During Covid, we sanitize our stores and take every precaution to keep our family and friends (you) healthy and happy. We even developed user-friendly digital design style websites so you can design your dream room right from the comfort of wherever that is for you. If you miss seeing people face to face, grab your mask and come on into the happiest, cleanest, safe furniture store near you. 

#8. 100% contact-free safe delivery. No human interactions, unless of course, you’d like them. In which case, you can talk with one of our non-commissioned design agents who will have you smiling as they walk you through it all. 

#9. #Design help. Not a design expert? We’ve got you covered. Our employees are super creative types who love helping people select the right furniture to make their space transform into a personalized magical space. Visit us online for your complimentary design consultation today. 

Our Austin Couch Potatoes stores strive to be not only near you, but dear to you too. That's not a line (dance). . . it’s a promise.

#10. Integrity and Understanding. We understand shifts happen and at ACP, we believe integrity matters most. Especially during Covid. Delays are inevitable on both sides. We ask that you do your best to understand that some of our suppliers may have delays that can possibly affect our delivery goals. Please know we are doing everything we can to deliver on our integrity first and our inventory second. We will fill our orders as soon and as safely as possible. Word. #Integrity 

Now trending? 

Austin Couch Potatoes. 

Providers of home furnishings you love. 

We understand that a home is built with love. 

It is the little touches, a cozy blanket on the back of your favorite reading chair, the plant you water each morning as your kettle boils, or the right hand corner of the couch where you naturally head to every time your body wants to relax. 

Unlike your job, where you are replaceable; at home you are not.

A home is built with your love, your hard work and a vision of your favorite furniture come to life. 

Austin Couch Potatoes, a local family owned store. 

Welcome home. 




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