Leather Couches and Dogs: The Perfect Pair

Leather Couches and Dogs: The Perfect Pair

Pets and furniture often don't mix, but leather couches provide a solution to that problem. No longer will you have to apologize when your guests get up from your couch and leave with half your dog on their pants. Leather couches make life with dogs cleaner, easier, and less stressful. So if you're in the market for a new couch and you have a furry friend at home, consider getting yourself a leather one!

Removing the Dog Smell

Each dog has a signature scent, but sometimes the odor can be overwhelming. You'll begin to second guess yourself if you left an open bag of Fritos somewhere only to realize it's only the corn chip scent wafting off your little friend. Leather couches are resistant to pet dander and smell.

This does not mean your leather couch will never smell like a dog. Leather is a porous material, so it is still able to absorb moisture and odors. It is, however, less likely to retain the multiple scents that your dogs carry, compared to fabric couches.

Mother and son sitting on leather couch

Austin influencer, Rachel Holtin, bought our Ladybird Sofa in Hudson Lager Leather. Her dog Waffles seems to have made himself comfortable.

Easy to Clean

Leather couches require some care when it comes to cleaning, which you can read about in this article here. They are so much easier to clean than the average fabric couch, where each strand of pet hair gets caught in the fibers. A quick surface vacuum and leather cleaner or conditioner will have your leather couch looking like new.

If your dog decides to relieve its bladder on your couch, it is easier to remove than stains from fabric couches because leather does not absorb liquids very well. Try dabbing the stain with a dry cloth and follow up by applying leather cleaner or conditioner.

distressed leather sofa


Where can pet hair hide on a surface like this?

Leather, Pets and Punctures

A true genuine leather couch is made out of thick material and is too tough for your pet's claws to puncture. If a genuine leather couch is outside your budget, faux leather is much thinner so it is more likely to show scratches. Just something to consider.

If your dog gets overly excited and jumps onto the couch, leather couches will hold up much better than fabric ones. If you have cats, may your couch rest in peace. Just kidding. We would advise you to invest in a cat scratching post to divert their attention.

prevent cat scratches

Image provided by Nataliia_Pyzhova

Comfortable No Matter the Season

Some people don't even allow their dogs up on the couch. If the word "dog" is just another word for "extended family" in your household, then you also want them to be comfortable. Dogs like to lounge around just as much as we do, and they'll be happy to know that their favorite spot is still cozy even when it's 40 degrees outside.

Leather couches are popular because they don't get suffocatingly hot during the summer, and insulate heat well in the winter. This works well for your furry friends that always have another layer to consider when feeling comfortable.

How to Preserve Your Leather Couch

Leather couches are less likely to get dirty and damaged, but a leather couch is still an investment. If your dog has claws and they jump on the leather couch often, you may consider cutting them regularly so there is less chance of puncturing it.

Grooming your dogs every now and then would help too. Your allergic friends and family will also appreciate choking on less pet dander in the air than they need to be. A weekly brush will make your life easier, and save the extra vacuum.

furniture stores in austin

Consider buying a pre-distressed leather sofa like this Mesa Estate Sofa. It shows wear in a way where it looks okay even with the occasional scuff.

Where to buy a leather couch?

Couch Potatoes is a furniture store in Austin, that sells affordable, custom leather couches. Our leather is tanned in Italy before being sent over to Moore and Giles in Lynchburg, Virginia. We all love our pets, especially in a pet-friendly city such as Austin, TX. We keep this in mind when designing our couches and making sure everyone is happy with their purchase. Even the furry members of the family that didn't pay for the couch, but will still use it like they did. 

We have locations in Central and South Austin. Hope to see you soon!


Written by Emily Holleran

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