Local vs. Long-Distance Delivery: Can Couch Potatoes Deliver to Me?

Local vs. Long-Distance Delivery: Can Couch Potatoes Deliver to Me?

Finding that perfect piece of furniture is a wonderful feeling. You have the perfect spot in your home for that couch you've been eyeing for months, and you finally have enough money to safely afford it. The only problem? Actually getting it into your home.

At Couch Potatoes, we understand how furniture delivery can be a long and complicated process. That's why we offer a local delivery service to make it easier for you. Even if you are long-distance, and deeply desire one of our couches, we will do our best to make sure it makes it to you. This article includes several different delivery options we provide, to make the process easier on everyone.

Where Does Couch Potatoes Deliver?

If you haven't heard of us, Couch Potatoes is a furniture store in Austin, TX. All of our furniture is made locally, and we source from local places as well. We mainly do deliveries in Austin and the surrounding areas such as Round Rock and Pflugerville. We also extend our reach into San Antonio.

furniture delivery near me

Our furniture delivery workers maneuver a couch up a customer's stairs.

Everyone is different in how they want their furniture delivered. For those people who want some options, we have several to choose from:

 Local Shipping  - With this option, your furniture will be dropped off at ground level, at the front door, in factory packaging.

• White Glove Delivery - This option allows you to have the furniture dropped off inside your room of choice with assembly and removal of packaging.

 Potato Perks -  FREE Unlimited White Glove Delivery for an entire year, invitations to private sales, plus 20% off accessories for a $199.99 subscription. This option is most beneficial to those that need to furnish multiple rooms in their home.

How Do I Pick-up My Furniture?

If you're impatient, or you just want to cut out the middle-man altogether, we support your decision. We also offer warehouse pick-up, Monday through Friday, 11-5.

Now, there are a few rules before picking up your furniture. We wish it were as easy as rolling up in your vehicle, sliding the furniture down into the back of your car, and then high-fiving each other after a quick and easy job (that would be great). Unfortunately, it's all about being prepared. So, we want to make sure you're ready, and we are ready to assist.

  1. Please call ahead at least 30 minutes before picking up your order(s). Most people don't like surprises, especially when it has to deal with lugging furniture around. We want to make sure we are ready for you when you arrive.
  2. Bring your ID and your Invoice # to speed up the pickup process. We don't want a relative swinging by and stealing your couch because he overheard you talking about it at the family barbecue.
  3. Items will remain in their carton for pick up. This means if you wish to have your items unpacked and assembled, there will be a $99.99 assembly fee for your order.
  4. Make sure you inspect your furniture before you leave our warehouse. No damage claims will be accepted once the furniture leaves the warehouse.
  5. We will assist you in placing your merchandise in your vehicle, but feel free to bring along some extra muscle.
  6. Make sure to bring straps, blankets, and rope to secure your furniture in your vehicle. We have supplies of our own, but they are limited, and there's no guarantee if we'll have some available.
  7. If the merchandise that you picked up needs to be returned, it is your responsibility to return it to the store you purchase it from.

This all might sound like a hassle, but we want to be able to adapt to the customer's needs. If you are prepared, then we will be prepared, and you can your dining set in your dining room just in time for the big party. 

The address for pickup is 6201 Bolm Road Austin, TX 78721 – go to Bay #1.

What If I Live Long-Distance?

Did you find us on social media? Or maybe your relative from Austin told you about us? No matter the reason, we would love to help you out! 

help with picking up heavy furniture

Couch Potatoes employees lifting a heavy, solid wood bar countertop.

We contract a shipping carrier that we are not directly affiliated with to help out with long-distance deliveries. So, if you are attached to the Fluffy 5-Piece Modular Sectional, we will make sure all 5 pieces arrive.

We have locations in South and Central Austin, so if you have questions about delivery fees, or if you are included in our standard delivery zones feel free to give us a call.

When you find that piece of furniture that you have been looking for your whole life, you just want to pick it up in your arms and teleport it into your home. If only it were that easy. It doesn't have to be difficult, on the other hand, and Couch Potatoes is dedicated to assisting you in making sure your couch arrives in your home safe and sound.


Written by Emily Holleran

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