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The Top 4 Couch Collections From Couch Potatoes

Looking for a new couch, or is it time to replace one? Look no further than Couch Potatoes' 4 most popular collections! Why are these collections our most popular? After all, Couch Potatoes has several other collections all offering superior comfort and quality. There's just something about these collections that grabs people's attention.

Let’s take a closer look at our top 4 couch collections:

First up is the Fluffy Collection


  • A comfortable yet durable couch that is great for any space.
  • The individual modules all you the freedom to design your space.
  • The couch is available in a range of fabric and color combinations.


  • The price tag can be on the higher side depending on how many modules you want.
  • May be too plush for some people.
  • Available only in fabric.

The Fluffy Collection stands out with its simple, modern frame. For those who want an unassuming couch in their home, the Fluffy brings a distinct, clean style. With a deep, plush seat cushion and soft, supportive armrests, this collection is sure to be a big hit in any home.

best modular couches in austinretro rust orange couch that is modular
The Fluffy 2-piece sofa with ottoman in Merit Dove (above) and Superb Hacienda (below).

It's also modular, meaning this collection exists in individual modules. This allows for a variety of configurations, so you can find the perfect fit for any space. Plus, this collection is available in a range of colors and fabrics! So, if you'd prefer something other than a neutral color found in most modern homes, go with one of our bolder fabrics.


Next is the SoCo Collection


  • Cushions are plush and offer more support than the Fluffy.
  • Smaller profile allows more space for cozy lounging.
  • Has one of our deepest, coziest seats.


  • The price tag can be on the higher side depending on which piece in the collection you want.
  • The cushions are not ideal for those who need a firmer seat.
  • Available only in fabric.


This collection captivates with its smaller profile and inviting cushions. The SoCo collection goes beyond its modern frame. Not quite as plush as the Fluffy, the SoCo still manages to have cushions you can sink right into (with a bit more support).

green sectional sofas modern furniture in austin
The SoCo sectional in Elliot Avocado.
modern neutral sofas comfiest couches for home
The SoCo sofa in Camila Oyster. 

It also looks so stylish in all our configurations available. Want more space for your family to get comfy? The SoCo sectional is a brilliant choice for a living room sofa. If you want a more affordable option, go for the SoCo sofa, or loveseat.


Third is the Wallace Collection


  • An more affordable option in comparison to the other collections.
  • The cushions are supportive, yet still soft and comfortable.
  • It is available in both fabric and leather options.


  • Not quite as plush as the other collections.


This collection pays homage to classic designs from decades past. You'll find that pieces in this collection will fit in with a mid-century modern-styled home.

sage green couch mid-century modern couch
The Wallace Left Chaise Sectional in Elliot Celadon.

The Wallace is popular because it has all the classic design elements without feeling too dated. There's a focus on functionality, and comfort, with slim, tapered legs, comfy cushions, and impressive tufting on the back cushions (or lack of if you prefer).


Finally, the Ladybird Collection


  • Comes with charming bolster pillows for added support.
  • Extremely versatile appearance, and average seat comfort. Not too plush or too firm.
  • Available in fabric and leather options.



  • Can't make the seat cushion untufted.
  • Too beautiful.

This collection is all about making a statement with its bold prints and vibrant colors!

best sleeper sofas to buy cutest sleeper sofas
The Ladybird Queen Sleeper Sofa in Superb Peony.

These chic couches are perfect for those who want something a bit more unique. Ladybird couches offer a mid-century modern twist on a traditional design, with their functional frame, and charming character.

best mid-century modern couches, best couches for your home
The Ladybird Loveseat in Superb Peacock.

Just look at the singular, uncomplicated seat cushion. Appreciate the dainty, tapered legs and the plush, supportive seat cushions. You'll find the Ladybird collection in our range of fabrics and leathers, so you can make this piece truly yours.

Choices, Choices

There's something for everyone within our most popular collections. We invite you to browse through our collections and pick one that best suits your style, needs, and budget. Whether you’re looking for a more modern look or something bohemian and unique, we have you covered.

Couch Potatoes makes all of the furniture locally in Austin, Texas. So, if you fall in love with one of our couches and decide to take it home with you, know that you're helping support a community of local workers. We hope you find the perfect piece for your home here at Couch Potatoes!

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