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What Are the Comfiest Couches at Couch Potatoes?

Comfort is key when it comes to couch shopping. You want to find a couch that you can relax on after a long day of work or play. But with so many couches out there, how do you know which one is the comfiest?

There are so many popular couch designs out there that look so stylish and unique, but sitting down on them makes it feel like your joints are disintegrating. A comfortable couch is ideally stylish, soft, and supportive. It shouldn’t sag in the middle, and the cushions should be firm enough to provide support but also give a little when you sit down.

At Couch Potatoes, we have a wide variety of couches for you to choose from. But if you’re looking for the comfiest couch in our store, there are some of our couches that we feel confident will make you immediately want to get cozy.


What Makes a Couch Comfortable?

Comfort is subjective, of course. What one person finds comfortable, another person may not. But there are some common factors that can make a couch more comfortable than others.

  • A couch with softer cushions is usually more comfortable than one with firm cushions.
  • The size of the couch also matters - a smaller couch will usually be more comfortable for one person than a larger couch.
  • The style of the couch can also affect its comfort level. A couch with armrests and a higher back will usually be more comfortable than a low-slung couch without any armrests.

Our Comfy Couches

The Fluffy Sofa

best affordable modular sofas

This is the Fluffy 3-piece sofa from our Fluffy Collection. As you can probably assume from the name, this couch is (you guessed it) fluffy. On our firmness scale, ranging from 1-5, we rate it a one. This means the Fluffy Collection is the plushest sofa in our store.


Pros of Comfort:

  • Cushions are sewed in a channeled way to prevent shifting.
  • Cushions are also filled with polyfill stuffing, a very soft material.
  • This is a modular sofa, so you can arrange each unit to whatever configuration will make you the most comfortable.

Cons of Comfort:

  • This is a low sofa, so if you’re looking for something with a higher back, this may not be the comfiest couch for you.
  • With it being the plushest, there's not a lot of support. So if you’re looking for a couch to sink into after a long day, this is the one. But if you’re looking for something with more support, you may want to consider another option.


Mesa Estate Sofa

Big sofas for family room


This is the Mesa Estate Sofa from our Mesa Collection. This sofa is a little bit more traditional in its design but don’t let that fool you - it’s still comfy. On our firmness scale, we rate it a three.


Pros of Comfort:

  • This sofa has a higher back than the Fluffy Sofa, so if you’re looking for more support, this is a comfier option.
  • The cushions are filled with 1.8-density foam cushions offering a cozy, yet supportive seat.
  • This sofa has one of our deepest seats so you can curl up, and truly get cozy.

Cons of Comfort:

  • The Mesa Estate Sofa is a little bit firmer, so if you’re looking for something ultra-plush, this may not be the comfiest couch for you.
  • The sofa having such deep seats makes it more difficult to get up from, if you or your loved ones have physical restrictions.

The SoCo Sofa

best modern minimalist sofa

What sets the SoCo sofa apart from most other sofas are the smaller arms. With smaller arms, the area of comfort is maximized which leaves more space for you to spread out. On our firmness scale, the SoCo is rated a 2. So, it's a bit firmer than the Fluffy, but more plush than the Mesa Estate Sofa.


Pros of Comfort:

  • This sofa has smaller arms which give you more space to sprawl out and get comfortable.
  • Cushions have a sinuous spring suspension allowing you to get up easier.
  • Has a standard seat depth, so you shouldn't struggle to escape its comforting depths.

Cons of Comfort:

  • The SoCo has a similar cushion firmness compared to the Fluffy, but it lacks the modular design.
  • Smaller armrests means more space to spread out on, but no support for your arms if you like something to lean on.


Which Comfy Couch Is Right For You?

Now that you know a little bit more about our comfiest couches, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. Consider how you’ll be using the couch and who will be using it. If you’re looking for a comfy couch to curl up on with a good book, the Fluffy Sofa might be the right fit. If you have a family and are looking for a comfy couch that everyone can enjoy, the Mesa Estate Sofa might be a better option. And if you’re looking for a comfy couch to watch TV or entertain guests, the SoCo Sofa could be perfect for you. These are just suggestions, ultimately your comfort is the most important quality.

No matter which comfy couch you choose, we know you’ll be happy with your decision. Visit us today and take a seat on our comfiest couches. You might just find yourself not wanting to leave. We have locations in Central and South Austin, Texas. See you there!

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