Plus-Size Sofas & Sectionals

Plus-size people are underserved by the retail industry. This is especially true when it comes to furniture stores. When you walk into a furniture store, the options are usually limited to small sectionals and chairs that are not comfortable for plus-size people. This must change.

At Couch Potatoes, we want everyone to be comfortable on their couches. Our couches can be customized, from fabric to sofa depth. Plus-size furniture needs to have a variety of options so that everyone can find something that fits their needs. The Mesa Collection is as big and bold as you can get with sofas. We even have the Mas Mesa sofas and sectionals, a deeper version of the Mesa. These sofas have a deep seat depth, so they might be difficult to get up from, but seat depth can be adjusted if you’re in love with the space it provides. A nice balanced sofa is the Austonian, with its solid block legs and sturdy frame. This sofa also has ample space to spread out on, and large, plush cushions to sink into. The seat cushions are firm meaning you won’t have to physically prepare yourself to leave its comfortable confines.

All of Couch Potatoes’ frames are made from plywood or kiln-dried hardwood. They are durable, reliable, and handmade in our factory in Austin, Texas. Our frames and springs are so strong that we have a lifetime guarantee, so rest assured you will be supported by us and your sofa. We also want to protect your purchase with a protection plan for any accidents that may occur. If you somehow end up with a broken frame or a sagging cushion, there’s no need to suffer, we’ve got you covered.

Couch Potatoes wants to be a leading advocate for the plus-size furniture world. We recognize the importance of having plus-size furniture available and are committed to offering a wide selection of furniture for our customers. It’s time for the furniture industry to catch up with the plus-size movement and offer products that meet the needs of all their customers. Plus-size people deserve better than being an afterthought. You're here, you’re plus-size, and you want furniture that fits you and your needs.