The Top 3 Comfiest Couches at Couch Potatoes

The Top 3 Comfiest Couches at Couch Potatoes

What makes a couch comfy? Is it the softness of the fabric? The amount of stuffing in the cushions? How many people can sit on it at once? At Couch Potatoes, we believe that comfort is key. That's why we've put together a list of the top three comfiest couches in our store! Comfort is subjective, so it's hard to say which couch is really the most comfortable, but this is based on the preference of comfort and the range that Couch Potatoes can provide. Whether you're looking for a couch for your home theatre or just somewhere to relax after a long day, these couches will make you feel right at home.

The Fluffy Couch Is Indeed Fluffy

If you're looking for a couch that's soft and welcoming, the Fluffy Collection is perfect for you. With its plush cushions and cozy fabric, it's like being hugged by a cloud. It's also great for napping, so if you're looking for a couch that can do double duty as a bed, this is the one for you.
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The Fluffy 3-piece Sofa in Bennett Capri

The Fluffy's cushions are made of a channeled insert filled with polyester to give the same feeling of down. It's also a modular sofa, meaning you can rearrange the pieces to fit in any size room in your home. The Fluffy is available in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect one for your space.


Sink Into the SoCo

One of our relatively new products, the SoCo is the ultimate couch when it comes to comfiness--just look at those cushions! It's perfect for cuddling up with a loved one or taking a nap after a long day. Plus, the fabric is soft to the touch, making it extra cozy.

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The SoCo Sofa

As you can see, on the SoCo sofa, the arms have a smaller profile than a lot of our other sofas. This maximizes the area of comfort, so you can fit as many people as you can, and guarantee comfort. The cushions are made from 1.8 density foam that allows a cozy seat, that is still firm. This couch provides a bit more support than the Fluffy, because its cushions mold to your body rather than absorbing you. The fabrics are also hypoallergenic, cleanable and breathable (as most of our fabrics are).

The Parmer Is Just Right

The Parmer is that perfect balance of support and cushion that the others on this list are lacking. It's a great couch for people who want to sink in a little, without feeling like they're being swallowed whole.

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The Parmer Sofa on display in our North Austin Couch Potatoes location.

The Parmer Sofa is a treat to sit on for those that want a comfy couch, but also need to be able to get up with ease. It is another one of our relatively new additions to our collections, and like the other collections, it is made here locally in Austin. 

The Goldilocks Dilemma of Sofas

This one is too hard. This one is too soft. This one is just right! It's all subjective when it comes down to choosing the comfort of your couch. Some people even prefer couches that are as stiff as concrete slabs, and to that, we say, "to each their own."

The couches made at Couch Potatoes need some semblance of softness, and cushion, so we try our best to achieve that. There are a variety of options to look through, with several customization options as well. 

Couch Potatoes has locations in South and Central Austin. stop by to look through our selection and find your idea of a comfy couch.


Written by Emily Holleran

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