Couch Potatoes' Collections: How They Got Their Names

Couch Potatoes' Collections: How They Got Their Names

If you're ever in the area of Austin, Texas, you'll know Couch Potatoes. The furniture store has been a staple in the local community for years, and their collections are some of the most unique around. But where do these collections get their names from? And what's the story behind them? Most of the collections borrow names from Austin staples like "the Ladybird", but others have some funny backstories. In this article, we'll explore the origins of some of Couch Potatoes' most popular collections.

The Wallace Collection

Before Couch Potatoes even began to name collections after places in Austin, there was "The Wallace". Co-owners of Couch Potatoes, Brian, Travis, and Dan are in charge of brainstorming the names of new collections. Dan originally made the Wallace Collection for a friend, but accidentally named the file the friend's last name, rather than his first name. His last name just stuck, so Dan shrugged and decided to keep it.

mid-century modern sofa

The Wallace Sofa can be bought with tufted or untufted cushions, whatever your preference of sophistication may be. 

The Fluffy Collection

True, there is no location in Austin called, "fluffy", and that's because this collection was also named after a person. The Fluffy Collection was named after Saul, a Couch Potatoes family member. It was his nickname, and everyone thought it fit for our fluffiest couch made. The Fluffy is also a much more affordable dupe to Restoration Hardware's popular Cloud Collection. So, what better name for a couch that you can just sink right into?

comfortable modular sectional for family
The Fluffy 3-Piece Modular Sectional is perfect if you need a couch with several different configurations. Can't make up your mind? The Fluffy Modular Sectional is able to be moved into any shape to fit the corners of your home.

The Ladybird Collection

The Ladybird Collection was inspired by one of Austin's most iconic residents, and former first lady, Lady Bird Johnson. Born as Claudia Alta Taylor, Lady Bird received her nickname in childhood when her nanny voiced her thought that she was "as purty as a Lady Bird." She was known for her work in beautifying Austin and promoting conservation [source:]

Lady Bird Johnson in a field of wild flowers in the Texas Hill Country on May 10, 1990.

Credit Frank Wolfe/LBJ Library, via Associated Press]

The Ladybird collection features furniture that is also as pretty as a Lady Bird, with a delicate modern frame and simple clean lines.

light leather sofas in austin
This is the Ladybird Leather Sofa in Hudson Lager leather. This is a popular sofa from Couch Potatoes due to its timeless appearance and a frame that blends seamlessly into any home's décor.

The Mesa Collection

The Mesa Collection was inspired by a roads one of the Couch Potatoes co-owners lives off of. Not as much mystery to the name, but "mesa" means "table" in Spanish, which is a nice contribution to Austin's inclusive community. The Mesa Collection also is one of our bulkier collections, with wide arms and a contemporary silhouette, so having a sturdy-sounding name somehow feels just right for this collection.

arm chair and sofa set in austin
This is the Mesa Arm Chair. Its compact build, and sleek, wide arms demonstrate how the Mesa Collection is set apart from the other collections at Couch Potatoes.

The Rainey Collection

The Rainey Collection was inspired by one of Austin's most popular nightlife districts, Rainey Street. It's a historic street that was once full of Victorian-style homes but has now been taken over by bars and restaurants [source:]. The furniture in this collection is perfect for entertaining, with pieces that are both comfortable and stylish.

affordable couches near me
If you are looking for an affordable couch in Austin, then the Rainey Sofa is just what you need. It looks great in our custom fabrics (which applies to all our furniture), and its elegant appearance is perfect for wanting to impress guests without breaking the bank.

The Lamar Collection

The Lamar Collection was inspired by a name constantly heard around Austin. Named after Mirabeau Lamar, the second president of the Republic of Texas, Lamar Boulevard is one of the busiest streets in Austin. Our collection was not named to honor the person Lamar, but rather the iconic name that native Austinites recognize. The furniture in this collection is perfect for people who want stylish pieces that make a statement.

mid-century modern sofa
The Lamar Estate Sofa is a popular choice among our Couch Potatoes' guests, because of its retro appearance, but without the antiquity. It's trendy, bohemian, and will stand out in your home. 

The Track Collection

The Track Collection got its name from its namesake track arms, that's truly it. It may not have a personal story attached, but the Track Collection stands out among the rest with its bold, comfortable designs that get right to the point of what you need in your home.

u-shape sectionals in austin
The Track Sleeper U Sectional is a couch that seemingly can handle it all. It converts to a sleeper sofa, and it's large enough for company (or you have hav it all to yourself). 

The Austonian Collection

As you can probably guess, the Austonian Collection was named after the city of Austin and the lovely people who live here. Its plush, Texas-sized cushions and low-slung, sloped track arms represent the laid-back lifestyle of Austinites. This furniture is perfect for those who want to relax and enjoy the city they love in style.

big couches with comfy cushions
This Austonian Loveseat is meant for lounging. The shape and size of the cushions radiate comfort, and there is enough space for you to spread out with enough support to feel as if you're being snuggled. 

More Collections On the Way

There you have it, our furniture store's collections and the stories behind their names. Austin has such a rich history and culture, and we're so proud to be a part of it.

We have some more collections currently being developed, the Parmer and the SoCo collections (you can still check out released pieces in our stores). Look forward to seeing more of what Couch Potatoes continues to produce with your continued support. If you're interested in checking us out, we have locations in Central and South Austin.


Written by Emily Holleran

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